Brett Beaulieu-Jones

Computational Photography

Project 1:

For this project, the brute force image alignment was very effective for small images.  The pyramid image alignment also worked well for small images, but had to search over a large area to be accurate for larger images.  The best method I used involved the brute force image alignment with simple image resizing.

Brute Force Image Alignment Results:


Image Pyramid Results:


It struggled when I didn’t do an alignment search over a large enough area

But worked, be it slowly when I searched over a larger area [-15,15]

My Best Results were when I just took in a large image, resized it to a single smaller size, aligned it over a large search once, and multipled those alignments for the large image.  Using this method the results were good and it took only a few seconds per image

This image appears to be damaged, but it still aligned well: