Project 2 Part 2 Seam Inserting and Content Removal

Seam Inserting

In this example we see that the large tree in the foreground, the sky, and
the grass have been well conserved, however the smaller trees in the background
are distorted, because they have less detail, their gradient values are lower
and they are more likely to be chosen for seam inserts.

This image is much more easily expanded with seam insertion, because the major
content, the four birds, are well aligned horizontally and veritcally, it is
easy for the program to choose seams to insert next to in the background,
since the sky has very little detail.

Content Removal

In this first example the program is able to remove the tent successfully without
creating any major artifacts, although the far right of the image does appear
different after the removal, it does not look overly unnatural.

This second image is a more detailed picture, when the flower is removed the
shape of the adjacent leaves is slightly altered, and looking directly at the
spot that the flower occupied, one can notice some oddities, but the image is
once again without major, noticeable irregularities.