CS 342 HW#2 Part 2

Kevin W Park

Insert Horizontal

this is image #1

this is image #2

Horizontal seam insertion: waves and man are left nearly untouched. Simply adds more of the sky and clouds.

Insert Vertical

Vertical seam insertion: Looks pretty decent. As expected, most of the seams are inserted near the uniformly white part of the waves, and also the middle right region that contains mostly sky. Boat was also a bit elongated, but still looks alright.

Object Preserved Removal

this is image #1

this is image #2

Preserved the white portion in the lower middle of the image(boxed in green).

Vertical 2

Specified the soccer ball(boxed in orange) to be removed.


-Every loop, gets the x-i+1'th minimum seam, with x = total number of seams to remove, and i = the seam that is being found.
->So if 150 total seams to remove, first finds 150th min, then 149th, 148, etc.
-New seam is an average of the minimum seam and the seam directly above it.

October 19, 2010