Matt Ricketson
Computational Photography
Assignment 2 Part 2

The images below show successful uses of seam carving for image enlargement, content amplification, region removal, and region preservation.

This image is an example of image enlargement using seams. As shown, the image is expanded horizontally, and looks pretty realistic. The mountains are very well preserved especially. The sailboat is pretty well preserved but possesses some artifacts such as the straightness of the mast.

One of the main difficulties in implementing image enlargment was making sure that the same seams were not chosen multiple times. My solution to this was to alter the gradient map during each iteration to create a strong incentive against using hte same pixels for a seam more than once.

Image Original Final

The following image is an example of content amplification. As shown, the space station is enlarged while the overall image maintains its original dimensions. This algorithm was not too challenging to impliment because it built upon earlier algorithms for seam carving. However, unlike previous tests, this method required two passes of seam carving, one horizontal and one vertical, to take into account the content amplification in both dimensions

Image Original Final

The following images present examples of region removal and preservation, respectively. The first example is self-evident: the plane is removed from the sky. Almost no artifacts can be seen on this image. One reason why region removal worked so well here is because the plane is a clearly defined object in the middle of a mostly smooth, flat sky. The lack of complexity benefits the algorithms accuracy.

The last image is for region preservation. In this image Bambi's girlfriend is carved out while Bambi is preserved. The final image produces a perfectly preserved Bambi but the effects of seam carving are clearly evident in the mess that remains of his girlfriend and the ruined wording on the bottom of the image. A better solution would be to combine region preservation with region removal, making it so that Bambi's girlfriend is completely removed while Bambi still stays. The text on the bottom would not be preserved though, and highlights how seam-carving does not do well with text in images.

Image Original Final