Homework #3 -- Homography

Here the homography works very well in putting the Bruins logo on the scoreboard,
the image being added is not very far different in aspect ratio or size from what is already there.

Once again, this homography works very well, although the Mona Lisa is slightly more distorted
and it is more noticeable that the image has been altered.

Here the homography is being applied to a less simple image, the surface that is
being replaced by the warped image is not a completely flat, simple one.

In this image, the field portion of the first image is taken and placed onto the field portion
of the second image, because the pictures are taken from different angles, there is a noticeable
difference in the way on-field details appear. There is also a noticeable effect due to the fisheye
lens used in the second photo, because of this in the created image there is a bit of the old
near-side sideline showing.