CS 3366 Programming Languages
Spring 2017

Computer Science Department
The Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
Boston College

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Like most CS courses, CS3366 is very much a "learn by doing" course. Reflecting this, grades will emphasize the problem sets. Grades will be computed on a 200 point scale. You are granted 10 points gratis. The remaining 190 points are distributed as follows:
  1. 90 points over 7 problem sets; your lowest problem set score will be discarded and replaced by your average score for the 7 problem sets;
  2. 80 points over 3 exams --- 20 points for each of two midterms and 40 points for the final exam;
  3. 20 points for class and piazza participation;
Grades will be recorded on the Canvas website.


  1. Unless specified otherwise, problem sets must be submitted by pushing your repository to GitHub by midnight on the due date. NB: under no circumstances at all can code be submitted for grading by attaching it to an email message. An attempt to submit code via email probably won't receive a reply notifying the sender that the attempted submission failed.

    Late problem sets will be penalized 20% each day.

  2. Students missing an exam without prior permission of the instructor will receive a zero for that exam unless they provide a note from their doctor.

  3. Any violation of the university's policy on academic integrity will result in a failing grade for the course.
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